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Residential Inspections

Typically performed during a real estate transaction’s “inspection period”, this Inspection and accompanying report will allow you to make an educated purchasing decision. This visible inspection will alert you to damage, components that are past their typical life span, safety hazards, and any other significant deficiency of the home. Click here to learn more about home inspections.

Pre-Listing Inspections

This inspection is performed for the seller of a property before listing the home for sale. This inspection and accompanying report will allow the seller to gain a better understanding of their home prior to it hitting the market. This gives the seller the ability to make repairs to discovered deficiencies themselves, avoiding repair demands and related negotiations from buyers when they have their own home inspection. Click here to learn more about home inspections.

Pre-Drywall Inspections

When a new home is being built, multiple contractors are in and out of the property working on the different aspects of construction. Plumbers, electricians, framers, and insulators are all working independently to get their portions of the job done.

This can sometimes lead to items being overlooked and can also result in construction defects of varying degrees. However, many of these defects are covered up and not visible prior to your final walkthrough inspection. This is why it’s so important to inspect a new construction home during the framing, rough-in phase. Our independent inspection will help to ensure that the home is constructed properly, which will lead to fewer problems in the future.

New Construction Inspections

Building a new home is a complicated process that involves a lot of different people and trades and sometimes things get missed or overlooked. That is why it is imperative that you get an inspection of your new construction home to ensure everything is up to your standards before taking ownership. And in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in order to inspect your new construction home, the inspector must hold the New Residential Structure (NRS) certification. Fortunately, we hold that certification and we want to ensure you are getting what you paid for in your new construction home. Click here to learn more about home inspections.

11 Month Warranty Inspection

11-Month Warranty Inspections

This inspection also referred to as a “One Year Warranty” or “Builder’s Warranty Inspection”, is performed for homeowners whom have recently purchased a new construction home. This Home Inspection and accompanying report will report on the visible conditions of the home and alert you to any deficiencies that will be in need of repair by your builder. It is very important that this inspection is completed prior to you owning the home for 365 days. Click here to learn more about home inspections.

Draw Inspection

Draw Inspections

New construction draw inspections help lenders and property owners stay on schedule and budget during new construction. If you’re a lender, it’s always best to require a draw inspection before disbursing funds at each stage of the project. This ensures that project funds are spent appropriately according to the construction plan, which minimizes the risk of expensive delays and mistakes.

Water Testing

Certain types of loans require water testing to ensure the water meets EPA standards. And sometimes, you just want to know the water you are drinking is safe. And while there are well service companies that offer this service, most of the time they are too busy to make special trips just to collect water and transport it to a lab. That’s where we come in. We are happy to collect samples and drop them off at the lab for you and we can work with the seller to accept payment at closing if needed. Understanding this is often the responsibility of the seller, we can work with the seller to complete this task during the buyer’s home inspection or we can come back at a later date to collect the sample. Click here for more information on water testing.

Mold Inspections

We offer two types of inspections: complete and limited. A complete mold inspection includes a complete inspection of your home for moisture and identifying potential microbial growth by collecting samples and conducting laboratory testing. The inspection includes conducting an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test that includes one (1) outdoor control air samples, and two (2) indoor air samples as well as one (1) surface sample. Additional air and surface samples may be requested.

A limited mold inspection includes a single surface test of a pre-determined area to verify the presence of mold. This test includes the collection of one (1) surface sample for laboratory analysis. Additional samples may be requested.
Want a mold inspection or IAQ test in addition to your home inspection? Save money by adding these services to your home inspection. Since we are already conducting a home inspection, we only charge the laboratory and equipment fee when bundled together. Click here to learn more about IAQ and mold inspections.